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Welcome to my brain.

I apologize in advance.

I'm an actress and writer and these are some things I wrote. I was born in Portland, Oregon but I was conceived in France, which explains a lot. BA in English from Lewis and Clark College and MFA in acting from DePaul University. Thank you for visiting me. I'd offer you coffee or tea, but the internet doesn't work that way...yet.

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And what if Lolita had a pen?

And what if Lolita had a pen? What if she had brushed aside her pigtails, put down her lollipop, and felt its power in her hand. Oh, of...


What is it about the place you grew up that takes over your body and forces roots to shoot down from your heart into the ground? No...

Little Miss Junior Rose Princess

The tights were itchy, always. The waistband, digging into the soft of my belly without mercy. I told my mother this many times, only to...

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